A :  I dont know why im falling, im never think that i will fall in to you. ah yeah, just we called it an Acidentally in love.

B : we need a big Brave to be friends with ‘past’

C : what we called us? we just friend, but we do more than a friend, even a bestfriend. give me a Clarity, not a hope.

D : why you so affraid bout distance? its only a number

E : how do you convince me, that our love story is Endless?

F : cudling, hug, listen to you while you are singing are my Favorites part

G : why you running away when you are feel Guilty? come here, my arms wide open

H :your eyes, your simle, your hug, and everything bout you, i called it Home

I : hmm, may i called you with irreplaceable?

J : if you ask me what kind of Jewelry that i like, i will answer with your eye

K : why do you ask the Key if we already have it? they called the Key with trust

L : why we always ask what Love look like? how bout just we feel the Love?

M : Mad never can solve a problem, Mad can make us being so far

N : No one can know before they try. so lets we try againts the distance

O : lets grew Old with me, will you?

P :  i can be happy doing anything with you. finally, i found my Passion, its you!

Q : dear time, dont turn so quick, so i can enjoy her smille

R : Rain drops, wee miss, and we kissed

S : im never looking for you, are you my Serendipity?

T : Time is the main reason for healing a broken heart

U : ‘may be someday’ is the Umbrella for the people who dont know how to get their love

V : heart is the one that Vulnerable to get an attack. one of the is being hurt cause of hope

W : i have an idea,how about We walk together, We hold each other, We kissed, and We fall in love?

X : you say you love me, but its not the right time. so give me the X sign when the right time comes

Y : You, is the important answer for me

Z : im not a Zoro, im yourman


Yogyakarta 1 Desember 2013

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